Reset… Love at first sight.

img_7085The little button effortlessly lets you forget your current predicament  and start over.  It doesn’t require analyzing what went wrong, never looks for a finger to point and could careless where or how you even got into the predicament in the first place.   I am actually getting pretty decent at using it…  but it wasn’t without a ridiculous amount of unnecessary heartache, regret and self inflicted pain.

As much as I would love to take the credit for discovering this new found technique… as usual IMG_1905I can’t.  There are some key players in the reset game that I actually need to call out. My first nomination is my husband.  The guy who somehow was brave enough to marry the beautiful sunset with a splash of hurricane… yea that’s me.  He forgives me daily. He loves me enough to let me fly, picks me up when I fall and gives me the courage to try a little harder next time.  He pretends it’s no big deal when I burn dinner for the 2,536 time. He loves me… all of me… he makes me better and forgives me more times in a day than most should have to in a lifetime.BOJ_9246

It’s my baby Lyon … the special boy who never stops loving me despite all of my failed attempts to be a good mom.    I miss him when he sleeps.  I smile when he wakes up and when he says he loves me and gives me a morning kiss I know that he somehow forget all of yesterdays catastrophic messups.  He doesn’t care.  He lets me reset my mistakes before they are evn through running their course.  His love is unconditional and he makes me better.

IMG_3493But I can’t give all the credit for my boys showing me the reset ropes.  It’s the macy’s employee who waved my late fee because I never got the bill.  It’s the neighbor who noticed I was gone and closed my garage because I forgot to.  It’s the friend of mine who cooks me dinner even though I forgot to return her call.   It’s any and everyone who has let me be human…. Kelsey the girl who tries to do the right thing but hasn’t exactly gotten IMG_0220the execution down yet.

So here is the really cool part…. the reset button goes both ways.  It’s noticing someone is struggling and extending your arm yo help.  It’s allowing Taco Belle to screw up your order for the 986th time and not getting mad.  It’s giving people the same grace and forgiveness that I plead for everyday.  It’s trying a little harder to be a little better and letting all the other stuff go.   Life is good, people are good and mistakes happen.  Let them go… reset your day and start it over with a smile.

Follow your heart more than the rules.  … If in doubt bring confetti, you never know when you will need it!  Enjoy the day people!  It’s yours for the taking!




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