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And then there were four.


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Yea… thats right.   The Lyon’s Den has been blessed with a precious piece of heaven that we call Reagan.   No need to look back on FB or check your texts to see if you missed something because you didn’t.


Once upon a time my life was just as I ordered it and things were going according to plan.  Ha… that sounds funny to write after the whirlwind the last year has been.  Ok Kelsey… focus.  The plan… what was the plan?  Well thats easy…. the plan was to get married to my true love, have a perfect son who practically raised himself, travel the world, live in Idaho forever, pick up a couple hundred new hobbies along the way and do all the things in the universe that pertain to real estate.  We never saw this coming but can’t imagine life without our newest little Lyon princess.  Just when I thought I had my whole life mapped out God changed everything… every single thing I had ever known, thought, planned or predicted. 


I am sorta (as in REALLY) a control freak.  I like to think I  rule my own universe… but I am slowly surrendering my master plan and giving my will to the Lord.   SO…. drum roll please!!!  Ty and I no longer have A KID…. we have KIDS!!! As in two people!!!!   We have a gang, posse, little’s!!!   Now,  if we ever so choose to…. we have the privilege to 38391795_10157572359673222_6682401932079792128_n(6)count to two to ensure we haven’t forgotten any of our fabulous TWO kiddos.   I haven’t found it necessary to do so… but I now have that option and I love it!!!!! 

She is everything I never knew I always wanted!!!   The Lyon’s den has officially expanded our pack of Lyon cubs to two.

There are no words to express our gratitude to God and our precious angels who made Reagan part of our little family’s forever.   I will never be able to say in words what my heart feels.  It’s impossible to even touch on the gratitude and love we have in our hearts for those brave hero’s who made our family complete.  No words.

She is honestly everything I never knew I always wanted…. Reagan is “The End” to our  new adventure.   Forever and ever isn’t even close to long enough with this perfect baby girl.  She has truly completed our little family.   So here I sit,  searching  for the words… the words to express how much love we have for her, for our angels who made this happen and  for the endless miracles that had to happen to make her part of our family forever…. but no matter how hard I try… no words come IMG_E6589out… not even a whisper. 


There is not a single word that is magical enough to describe her.   No words are sacred enough to describe this journey.  No words exist to express the joy we feel.  No words.  It’s impossible to take a pen and paper and tell  the journey that we have been on.  And that’s ok because this story isn’t mine to tell.  I am privileged to be a part of it but this one belongs to my Baby Reagan.  When or if she is ever ready to share it, it will be her’s to tell.  

The words don’t exist… so the beaming smile on Carter’s face, twinkle in Tyler’s eyes and the way my heart skips a beat every time her tiny hand touches mine will have to do because you can’t translate the love we have for her on paper.IMG_E0539

God has a way to make things happen with or without my consent, permission or acknowledgment.  But between you and me, I wouldn’t have it another way.  I had everything I thought I ever wanted… a husband who is my version of perfect, a precious son who reminds me what love and happiness really is. But thankfully thats not where our story ends.  Now I have a baby girl…. Reagan reminds me of faith, grace, hope, love, strength and that miracles do really happen. 

 We are now complete…let the games begin. 

IMG_0438Full disclosure: In a desperate attempt to keep it real… and must admit that Carter proof read this for me.  Yea… he’s that smart and it’s kinda fabulously annoying.  It took a year to write this one… not because I don’t want to shout our happiness from the top of the mountains but because this journey changed me… really changed me and I don’t to blink just in case I would miss a single second of our new adventure.  Life is good people… pretty fabulous so sit back relax and enjoy the ride because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is almost here.  Cheers…. I’m back!


4 thoughts on “And then there were four.

  1. She’s an angel baby, thank you for sharing. It touched my heart. Isn’t it amazing how our hearts can expand so much to love these tiny little creatures. I’m so happy for you and your new adventure girl.


  2. Love love love this! She’s beautiful and your family looks happier than ever! We still miss you! So happy to see these cute pictures of your amazing KIDS!!


  3. Oh my goodness, my dear Kelsey!! She is precious and your love for her comes through so perfectly. I am over the moon happy for you and the boys with their perfect new princess. Love you, kid!!


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