I am a beautiful sunset with a splash of hurricane as Tyler would put it.  Now the beautiful part is the things in my life that shine… my marriage, amazing husband, lovely son Carter and everything else that somehow  finds it’s way into our life.

Kels Belles- I love to smile, make others smile and laugh along the way.  I don’t take myself too seriously and to know me is to know that I am usually always kidding.   I really don’t know how to cook,  love ice cream and spend every waking second wishing I was on some island with my boys.  We love adventures.  We do beaches, random trips and routine golf cart rides.

Ty Guy- He is soooooo perfect for me.  He is so kind, humble, brilliant, loving and for some strange reason he really adores me.  I sometimes pinch myself to make sure this is really not a dream.   He is my prince charming…. he listens to my rants, smiles his half smile and then kisses my forehead… he just gets me and I attribute our marriage being a fairy tale to him…. I am pretty much just the girl who was running late and lost her golden slipper.  He found me…. and made this who thing real.

Carty- Well…. Carty is certainly the party.  This kid keeps it real.  He is crazy smart like his daddy.  He is always jamming off to the side making his own beat or better yet custom ninja moves and he is sooooo sweet.  We call him our little miracle because I am still uncertain  how one child could be so perfect.  He is so kind, loving, sincere and makes me better each and every day.  Ps.  I love that his Daddy is is hero and he comes his hair a certain way so it “appears” darker like his daddy.

The Lyon’s den is my home.  Never a dull moment with these wild cats!!!! XOXOXO


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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Kelsey…. I love how you don’t hold back, you just tell it like it is in only the beautiful way that you can! Beautiful first entry, and it is a lovely reminder to stop and smell the roses! Love ya!


    1. Andrea…. agh… sigh…I am so happy you liked it. Throwing yourself out there is real… vulnerable and can be completely avoided by just NOT DOING IT! I thinks it’s about time I share my crazy with my loves… maybe one entry at a time we will all learn that we are pretty dang normal. I love you! XOXOX


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