Foolish Games

Because that’s what I am. I am what….. well….. I am always mysterious like that. At least I hope to be, because know matter how hard I try or what I do…. it will NEVER be enough. Thats on me,,,, just know it’s real Babe. My favorite quote is…. “your a mystery until you’re not”. I seriously want to be a mystery until I die…. and thats on me. I have and will never feel like I deserve my amazing life. Everyone loves you until they don’t……. yea…. do a “think” one that. TRUE STORY. I am somebody who wanted to be f-ing honest with their life… I am sure it’s “not a good look…. but at least it acutely real. Real could seriously tear me apart. And if I am seriously being honest and I am…. I am certain I will regret this post and pray no-one ever sees me CRAZY
! (truth). cross my heart swear to be honest love me or delete me me because I hate this stuff. Honest.

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