The F Word

I know what your thinking… the F word?  Yea… that’s right.  Flake, Fake, Fat, Foto (Photo) Fony (Phoney).    I may not be America’s Sweetheart….  but the truth is, like a lion let it loose and it will defend itself. I am not those F word(s) and my thighs are fat.   Before you decide you know me let me address each issue one by one and I will kindly explain myself.


Ladies and Gentleman welcome to MY world.

Without Any Further Adieu….

1. FLAKE:  I have lived in FEAR of people thinking I am a FLAKE.  I have to bail on my fun plans almost always.  I like to pretend since I have a “Flexible” job that I have the ability to squeeze in the fun things.   And to be fair… I guess theoretically I could but don’t and probably never will and here is the bitter truth… I work… I love work… and will always work.  I am obsessed with work so I work but before you start wondering where my family fits into this whole hurricane let me explain what my work is.  It is so much more than just doing my big person job… it’s called being a Mom, Wife and little worker Bee and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My sister gave me some crazy good advice… instead of shuffling, squeezing, rearranging, rain checking and canceling I just need to PRETEND I have an 8-5.  This approach has changed my life.  No more pretend like I have time in the day.  I take a lot on.. but if I didn’t I am convinced that I would die of boredom.


2. FAKE:  I am a lot of things but fake is not one of them.  I have made it my life mission to MAKE amazing people know they are amazing.  The world is full of so much ugly so why not say what you think when you think something nice.  If that potentially puts me in the “fluff, insincere, “your just saying that” category then so be it.  I love to love people.  If I see something I like… I say it.   AND I MEAN IT!  XOXO

3. FAT:  I eat… I do NOT think I am FAT people.   I am not a twig… I am a girl… I don’t get blown away in the wind (in fact the wind doesn’t even move me)…But I hate my thighs and it’s not extra skin on them… it’s fat… the cottage cheese kind…..but that’s ok I am still pretty fit.   I love ice cream… it’s one of my hobbies and the next time someone asks me if I eat I may just throw up on them.   Portion control and physical activity helps but I I flip houses… and not the cute TV kind of flip.  It’s called if it needs to be done then I do it….  I don’t do whimpy.


4. Foto (Photo)…. No behind the scenes over here.  What you see is what you get.  I always have a fully stocked hot cocoa bar and I love my closet to be in perfect order.  (Sometimes an avalanche hits and I have to take cover).  Ty is still convinced I destroy it but I swear there is no way I could do that much damage in 5 minutes.   My life isn’t a magazine but it’s me and my boys and I love it.


5.   Fony (Phony)…. You know what you’re going to get with me.  Being mad at someone bores me… so I forgive instantly.  Unless “said” common offender never gets that I am just me.  As-is…. I believe in karma and don’t judge because I have probably done something way worse… lol … but seriously I probably have.  If “said” common offender refuses to hear my words… and insists on constantly adding their silly ways into my world then I am forced to hit delete.  Delete doesn’t mean I am mad, just means it never happened.  And if something never happened then there is nothing to talk about.  The old … now you see me… now you don’t kinda thing.   I refuse to force connections.  If someone makes you feel less than amazing then stop investing in them!!!!!!  Here is a hint: If you’re not “dramatic” then you don’t constantly use the word drama.


The Take Away-  We must always see the good in everyone and never assume you know everything.  Most people are just real… sure we all will find a poser or two but they need love also.  I love blogging…. it makes me feel like I am shoating from the roof tops who I am.  I am Kelsey Belle Lyon-King   … ok actually King and then Lyon with no hyphen but when your maiden name is King and your married name is Lyon… you get to feel pretty cool.  Guess that means I rule the world and the jungle…. hmmmmm



Full Disclosure- Here I am proclaiming I am not fake but in one of the pictures I have lash extensions, blue contacts and I look good.  I don’t mind fake if that’s what it is… when you are so busy being caught up in someone else’s world and don’t know your own authenticity then you have a problem. LOL see I can justify everything.  I don’t do everything on my flips.  I NEVER do electrical, plumbing or structural issues….. if it takes brains and a license then I’m out!  I almost posted a swim suit shot but the last time I did that I got some hate mail about respecting myself and it made me crazy self conscious of what other’s thought.  It breaks my heart when people think I am not sincere.  Thats all… Love Love…


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