THE roses: Part 2.2


Ok… I know what your thinking… haven’t we covered the roses enough already.  And I would have agreed had I not been too lazy to actually take out the garbage.  My roses that I forgot to add water to never got any better even though I gave them water 24 short hours later.  I didn’t expect them to resurrect themselves but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

I got tired of looking at my stupid dead roses so I did what any normal girl would do… I bought myself some new flowers.  Throwing them away would have made too much sense. But this time I bought the most beautiful flowers I could find (ok… maybe not find but the best ones at the grocery store).  Anyways I am always screwing up and I obsess about learning from my mistakes so I won’t have to repeat my failures.  But it dawned on me the other day (the other day could be yesterday or 7 years ago… dates don’t really impress me so I don’t waste time on remembering them).   But in this case it was actually the other day.  Anyways I spend so much time trying to learn from my mistakes aka: THE PAST that I don’t get to fully live in the PRESENT…. and that’s what life is… a PRESENT.  (Please don’t think I am trying to steal that saying…. you never have to worry about me taking credit.  If I ever come up with something cool I have absolutely no problem taking full credit for it).  


FOCUS!  I clearly know water is important for flowers.  So there was nothing to learn there.  So I bought some beautiful flowers and wrote a lovely note to myself from myself.  It said “I love you xoxox Kels”.  And I do love me!  The trick is to surround yourself with people who love you for who you are.  Don’t force connections.  Don’t invest time in people who make you feel less than amazing.  This doesn’t mean don’t LOVE THY NEIGHBOR… it just means surround yourself with people who make you sparkle.  We are all not meant to be amazing cooks (who else would keep Taco Belle and Chili’s in business)…  we are all not into fashion or decorating or the outdoorsy crap like camping.  My point is that there is a Jack for every Jill or a bestie for every girl.  I only shop with my friends who have the same taste as me… doesn’t mean I don’t love my friends who have a different style… just means my shopping time is so limited as it is and I don’t want to waste time in the stores I don’t like.  (Side note… only shop with friends who give you their honest opinion when you try clothes on.  You are actually being MEAN if you lie and say they look good!!!!)   There will be people who don’t get my energy or can’t follow my drift and that’s ok.  We all have that Aunt that we love but secretly don’t like to visit because there just isn’t anything fun to do at her house.

SO here is your take away: Learn from your mistakes.  AND THEN LET THEM GO! Don’t dwell on crappy things.  And when others make mistakes or hurt you or let you down ect ect ect… forgive and move on… don’t revisit it.  Throw away the roses, and if you want some new ones go and buy them.   Pull the band-aid off and let your wound heal.   You will have an awkward tan line if you allow yourself to play the victim and don’t pull off your band-aid.  Move on people!!!! We all screw up.  We can all write a novel of our shortfalls and insecurities.  We all need to to forgive others and for others to forgive us.   SO take time to smell the flowers and know your totally worth buying yourself some beautiful flower just because!    No more flower blogs… promise.   That’s all folks!

Full disclosure:  I took the picture of the dead flowers in my garbage can 3 times.  I wanted it to be very dramatic.  I didn’t have to push the flowers to the front on the 2nd bouquet…. I could barely fit them all in the vase…. but I tried 🙂   I re-took the bouquet picture 2 times because there was a water bottle in the picture the first time.   One rose broke off and I thought about putting it in the bouquet anyways so it would look nice for a day… but decided to be nice and put it in a bowl so it would have water and live.  Doing the right thing isn’t always the most glamorous thing. I love jean shopping with my sisters because they would never let me buy a pair of jeans I don’t look amazing in. I wrote 2.2 as my title because the number 2 kind of bores me.   XOXO  Until next time… Cheers.  – Kate…  I now love saying cheers… I say it all the time. Sorry  I made fun of you for saying it after you came back from Australia… but when I made fun of you I really didn’t like it…. it grew on me.  And you did give me the idea for the name of Carter… but I was so much older than you I had no problem stealing it because I knew you wouldn’t like it when you had kids.   – Ok, now I am really done.   love. love

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