H2O no……


Roses… Oh yes the roses.  What a beautiful disaster.  Ok… lets get to the point.  I have the ability to talk for 10… ok 20 minutes about a whole lot of nothing.  Lucky for you I hate typing things…(hate is the H world in our family… I HATE when people use hate like it’s not a cutting straight to the point I want to hurt you word but I always break my own rules) typing bores me but somehow I type and type and… type.  The crazy thing is I try to keep it short…. like really try.

Ok… take two… stay on topic Kels (words that ring in my head so often I don’t even hear them anymore).  I wish I was posting a pic of beautiful flowers after all that’s what we are supposed to do right.   When someone sends us flowers we perfectly  position them… take 2 or 3 shots and post the best one.  I even push them all in the front so the back is hollow. Magically a dozen flowers looks like 2 or 3 dozen and I am somehow more loved than I was before.

Ty is a lot of really amazing things…. he is extremely romantic… the storybook kind.  The kind that when you tell your girl friends what he did they are secretly mad at their husbands… ok not mad… just wish their husband had done something cute too.  His gifts are perfect…. he shops better for me than I do.  He would buy me the world if I asked him to… or at least a Louis Vuitton purse.  He doesn’t buy a shirt, he buys an outfit. Having said all that the romantic part is on cue…. Birthday week… check  (I made it a WEEK long not him).   Christmas…. check (we say no gifts and he buys them anyways… I however wait until the last minute and as a result pay double because I procrastinated… but if waiting until the last minute is a CONSTANT way of life (does it have another name)?  Mother’s day… check and Valentine’s Day…. he has that one down to an art.  The other 361 days of the year… they are real.


He shows me he loves my by commuting an hour each way so we can live in a community we love.  He shows me love by working hard… waking up crazy early for work so his late night isn’t quite as late.  He can softly kiss my forehead and I just know everything will be ok.   He describes me as sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.   As crazy as that sounds it perfectly describes me… every single detail of my life.    The point is he gets me.  He loves me and he is my forever.   The fairy tale days are pretty great… but what makes life really amazing is the whole lot of regular, ordinary slow paced boring days in between.

Back to the roses… since today is January 17 and I purchased them yesterday they are not from my love.   They are from me.  I didn’t need them, I just wanted them and they looked amazing.  Imagine my surprise when I stumbled into the kitchen this morning and they were dead and really ugly.  I quickly approached the vase to examine my once vibrant and beautiful flowers ( yes… they were all pushed to the front because I ALWAYS push them forward).  Not so I could post a pic… just because that’s what I do, put a little shine on everything.   After a careful evaluation… or quick glance I noticed I forgot to add the water.  And so goes my life.  If you could get to heaven on intentions I know I would be there.  It’s the execution that I lack.

The moral of the story… you can have good intentions and miss the mark.  And that’s ok.  I forgot the most critical element to keep my prized roses alive….. water.  My roses are clearly dead but I added water anyways after all what can it hurt.  Maybe I will get lucky… probably not but that’s life.   We are all are own worst enemies.  We over analyse our every move.  We basically look the same if we take 10 minutes or an hour to get ready.   So why not take 10 and give yourself 50 extra minutes of this amazing thing we call life.  If the milk spills quickly wipe it up and move on…. after all the floor will be cleaner than it was before.  Give yourself the right to be human.    We are all going to make small mistakes and even some big ones.  The important thing is that we never give up on ourselves. We keep trying.  It’s never too late to try.  Connect with the friend you wrote off, reclaim the closet you closed the door on, make another goal even if it is the exact same as the last one.. or two… or three.  Life is about living in the moment and not missing out on the little things… not getting hung up on the details or when we look back it’s the little things won’t seem little… they will be priceless.  If we let go of our shortfalls, screwups, made days and mistakes it will allow us to move forward.  Every dark night is followed by a beautiful vibrant sunset… you just have to be awake to see it.  My point is be human. Love hard, laugh often and don’t lose your mind worrying about the small stuff because really… everything is small in the grand scheme of things.  The most important things you will do today aren’t even on your “to do list”.  You don’t have to do extraordinary things to be extraordinary.  Don’t give up… ever.  Even if my roses don’t live I added water.  We were born to be real… not to be perfect.    xoxox


Full disclosure:  I moved Carter’s cereal bowl so it wasn’t in the way of my picture.  I rely on Tyler to proof read for me… proofreading bores me (but I am actually pretty good at it… I even tested out of freshman english).  I have never successfully spelled minute right…. ever.   I correct my spelling before I have Ty proofread so he doesn’t know how bad I am at it spelling.   The roses are still on my table… I have officially accepted the reality that they are dead… I just haven’t gotten that far down my things to do list.   –



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